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Hello and Welcome!

  Tennessee Backyard was founded by our family in 2020 with the passion to create quality products

and to serve people well. It is our goal to earn your trust as we work together to provide you the

backyard spaces of your dreams!


  We are a young family of five and we’ve experienced the growing pains of not having enough space for

all of the extra things that come with family life. Our Garage had been overrun with bikes and toys--not to

mention all of the additional items we needed a place to store as well (lawn mower, work tools, strollers, etc.)--and we needed a change. A backyard storage shed was the perfect solution in our efforts to keep our memories and belongings organized and safe (and to get our Garage space back). We proudly offer quality Sheds & Garages that will fit your needs and are crafted right here in beautiful Tennessee. However--our outdoor product options for you don't end there!


  We’ve also watched the countless hours of play our little ones have enjoyed on our backyard play-set while the grown-ups engage in hours of   exciting conversations around our outdoor lawn/patio furniture. The Outdoor Furniture and Play-Sets have added many memories to our growing   family and we know that it will do the same for yours!


  With all of that said--It is such a blessing to be a small business owner here in the USA. We are committed to serving middle Tennessee with the best products that we have to offer by making the commitment to deliver you quality products, provide you with honorable customer service, and to help Bring Your Backyard Dreams to Life™


  Thanks for stopping by!

  - Ben

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